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Preschool Business(Yangon)

新加坡, 市中心

转让价格 : 5-10万新币

营业额: 10-20万新币

现金流: 2-5万新币

应付帐款: 未提供

成立时间: 2000

毛利润: 10-20万新币

库存: 未提供

应收账款: 未提供

卖家职责: 全职

净利润: 10-20万新币

负债: 未提供

家具家私: 未提供

员工: 未提供

* 营业额, 毛利润, 净利润, 现金流是基于平均值

Looking for investor

Looking For Investors  

Yangon, the biggest city in Myanmar has a population of over 6m. Education is the fastest development and create many opportunities.

We have now  8 preschools, and we plan to have 50 preschools all over Myanmar. Yangon itself has 34 townships. Singapore has currently 1300 preschool where as Myanmar just less than 100 sizeable one. We have the cirriculium based on MI, and prepare all lesson plans,set up and management.

Our Plan also include Two British Schools, One American School, One Business School(Btec & LCCI), Education School(Early Childhood Diploma) , a Hotel School(AHLEI) and Culminary School. We hope to list the whole set up in 2-3 years times,

The Following is the Basic Information

 Preschool In Yangon  ( USD 80,000(SGD 110,000 for 49%) or  Usd 48000 sgd 66000 for 30%,) for one School

   Breakeven in operation 16-18months and Return of Investment in 24 months, ROI over 35-45%

   Preschool Experience over many years in Singapore, complete cirriculium and set-up

Full Foreign Shareholding, Tax Incentives, 100% Full Foreign Ownership, Partnership has over 20 years investing In Myanmar

All School has been able to get the lisences for providing the programmes .

Myanmar is the Last frontier. Offering the last opportunities and be one of the fastest Growing Economy in Asia for the next 10 yrs

THe Following have been completed and the Path Way from Age 2 year to 20 Years Old Have been Completed. We are also working with Pearson , the world Largest Education Group be their Model Centre in Myanmar

We are confident our group be the Top Educations Group in Myanmar

Project Completed in last 2 months

a)   Business School ( International Business School of Yangon) Btec Diploma and LCCI

b)   Design & Education School( IDEI Myanmar) Btec Diploma

c)   American Internation School (  K 12 )

d)  British International School ( Cambridge)

e)  British International School( Edexcel)

f)   Amercian School Of Hospitality (Diploma and Certicate)

g)  Preschools( 2 new openings bring to 4 soon)

h)  MIEDU Enrichment School(Robotic, SuperBrain, Creative Play, Art)

i)  Culminary School

j)  Book Distribution


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